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Know what policies are best for different life events and situations in order to protect yourself.

*Mortgage Term Insurance

When life hits you hard, you need to have a backup plan.

Mortgage protection insurance allows your family to have funds available to continue to pay your mortgage versus the bank taking the home and any equity you have as well.

The sooner you plan the less it will cost. Not to mention, the less you'll have to worry about when the time comes or Such illnesses as chronic, critical, and terminal.

Final Expense Insurance

Want to plan for your final days? We have burial insurance for you. This type of insurance will help your loved ones pay the costs you may have left them with after you're gone. These costs may include hospital bills and funeral expenses. Funeral insurance is often times know as final expense insurance.

The exact cost of your burial insurance will depend on your age. Unfortunately, the older you are, the larger the premiums. This is because insurance companies take on more risk when insuring older folks, given the fact that they're statistically closer to death.

Whether you’re 18 or 80, final expense insurance is always smart.

Other Life Insurance Products

Having the right life insurance can change the lives of your loved ones.

Let's compare some different policies...

Term: Provides coverage for a set time period of 5 TO 30 Years.

Whole Life: This is the most basic type of permanent insurance and pays death benefits with level premiums for the life of the policy.

Universal Life: Very similar to whole life with higher cash growth potential and the ability to customize premiums and death benefits.

Ever wondered: What is the largest cause of foreclosure?

Adjustable Rate Loans

Many homeowners are tempted by the low payments and interest rates, but are caught off guard once the cost accelerates alongside the interest. When they are buried under unbearable debt, they are faced between filing for a Dallas bankruptcy or foreclosure.


In this shaky economic recovery, layoffs can come unexpectedly. Since most Americans don’t have enough in their savings accounts, sudden job loss can become a cause of foreclosure.

Credit Card Debt

More than half of the population has credit card debt. When the debt is uncontrollable, some people are faced between missing their credit card payments or their mortgage payment. In the end, many escape a Dallas bankruptcy only to file for foreclosure.

Medical Expenses and Illness

Medical reasons are the cause of 13 percent of foreclosures nationwide. Whether it’s the added stress of medical bills or the loss of a job due to sickness, illness plays a major role in both forecloses and the decision to file for a Dallas bankruptcy.


At the end of the relationship, the heightened emotional state and legal proceedings can make it easy to ignore financial issues. Suddenly, divorced individuals realize that payments have been missed and that neither party can shoulder the bills on their own.

Multiple Bills

There are other bills aside from credit card debt and home loan payments. Sometimes people are so concerned about their credit score and avoiding a Dallas bankruptcy that they mis-prioritize which bills get paid and ignore their mortgage.

Sudden Relocation

Whether you moved because of your job or because you wanted to, a sudden relocation might not give you enough time to sell your home. Eventually, paying two mortgages becomes unbearable, and the choice between a foreclosure and a Dallas bankruptcy must be made.


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